KSD Staff Directory

Kittitas School District Office    

Kittitas School District Office 
601 N Pierce Street
Kittitas, WA 98934

KSD Superintendent’s Office

PO Box 599
Kittitas, WA 98934

601 N Pierce Street
Kittitas, WA 98934

509-955-3120 Fax

Our district office is open 7:30 a.m- 4:00 p.m.  Monday- Friday.
Summer hours : June 15th- August 16th.  CLOSED: Monday and Friday. OPEN Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7:30 am-4:00 pm.  Please check our academic calendar for specific closures and observed holidays. 

Mike Nollan- Superintendent mike_nollan@ksd403.org

Michelle Helgeson- Business Manager michelle_helgeson@ksd403.org

Deena Pruatt- Accounts Payable/Human Resources deena_pruatt@ksd403.org

Anita Mata- District Secretary/Reporting  anita_mata@ksd403.org

Ryan Hastings- Dean of Students/SpEd Director ryan_hastings@ksd403.org

Bryan Nash- Facilities  bryan_nash@ksd403.org

Jerry Hunt- Transportation jerry_hunt@ksd403.org

Ryan Hastings- Special Education Director ryan_hastings@ksd403.org

Sherry Cunningham- Food Services  sherry_cunningham@ksd403.org

Ryland Fogle- Parke Creek ryland_fogle@ksd403.org

Antonio Dominguez- Technology Network Specialist antonio_dominguez@ksd403.org

Kittitas Elementary School Staff

Kittitas Elementary School
PO Box 599
Kittitas, WA 98934

501 N Pierce Street
Kittitas, WA 98934

509-955-3130 Fax

Ron Craig- Principal- ron_craig@ksd403.org

Katy Bremmer- Kindergarten Teacher katy_bremner@ksd403.org

Brittni Kelleher- Kindergarten Teacher brittni_kelleher@ksd403.org

Nicole Slyfield-  Kindergarten Teacher nicole_thompson@ksd403.org

Aindrea Coons- 1st Grade Teacher aindrea_coons@ksd403.org

Kelly Kilts - 1st Grade Teacher    kelly_kilts@ksd403.org

Mallori Dixon - 1st Grade Teacher mallori_dixon@ksd403.org

D'Ann Byers- 2nd Grade Teacher d'ann_byers@ksd403.org

Lisa Taylor- 2nd Grade Teacher lisa_taylor@ksd403.org

Reena Calahan- 3rd Grade Teacher reena_calahan@ksd403.org

Kirsten DeKoning- 3rd Grade Teacher kirsten_dekoning@ksd403.org

April Cross- 4th Grade Teacher april_cross@ksd403.org

Carrie Nash- 4th Grade Teacher carrie_nash@ksd403.org

Rachael Brunson- 5th Grade Teacher rachael_brunson@ksd403.org

LuAnn Moen- 5th Grade Teacher luann_moen@ksd403.org

Melissa Caveness- Preschool Teacher melissa_caveness@ksd403.org

Leslie Bray-Paraprofessional leslie_bray@ksd403.org

Somer Calahan- Paraprofessional somer_calahan@ksd403.org

Carol Evenson- Paraprofessional carol_evenson@ksd403.org

Kimberly Eilers-Paraprofessional kimberly_eilers@ksd403.org

Laurie Holt-Paraprofessional laurie_holt@ksd403.org

Kathy Jensen- Paraprofessional kathy_jensen@ksd403.org

Meri Lowe- Paraprofessional meri_lowe@ksd403.org

Shaun Sorensen- Paraprofessional shaun_sorensen@ksd403.org

Shannon Sadler-  Paraprofessional shannon_sadler@ksd403.org

Desi Smith-  Paraprofessional desi_smith@ksd403.org

Maria Smith- ELL/ Paraprofessional maria_smith@ksd403.org

Erica White-Paraprofessional erica_white@ksd403.org

Abby Jones- Secretary abby_jones@ksd403.org

Mandy Ravet- Reading Specialist mandy_ravet@ksd403.org

Jessica Lewis- Music Teacher jessica_lewis@ksd403.org

Merle Watkins- Physical Education Teacher merle_watkins@ksd403.org

Linda Venable- Counselor linda_venable@ksd403.org

Megan Jarman- Nurse megan_jarman@ksd403.org

Jeanna Gibson- Speech jeanna_gibson@ksd403.org

Gayle Warner- Special Education Teacher gayle_warner@ksd403.org

Stacia Widner- Elementary Kitchen Cook stacia_widner@ksd403.org

Maureen Helgeson-  Elementary Kitchen Assistant maureen_helgeson@ksd403.org

Kittitas Secondary School Staff

Kittitas Secondary School 
PO Box 599
Kittitas, WA 98934

7571 Kittitas Hwy
Kittitas, WA 98934

509-955-3140 Fax

Heather Burfeind- Principal heather_burfeind@ksd403.org

Ryan Hastings - Dean of Students/SpEd Director ryan_hastings@ksd403.org

Lance Hyatt- Guidance Counselor lance_hyatt@ksd403.org

Bryan Nash- Athletic Director- bryan_nash@ksd403.org

Kathy Goodrich- Secretary/Registrar kathy_goodrich@ksd403.org

Brenda Rios- Attendance/AD Secretary brenda_rios@ksd403.org

Megan Jarman- District Nurse megan_jarman@ksd403.org

Carl Bissonette- HS/MS Math carl_bissonette@ksd403.org

Becky Carollo- HS/MS Agriculture/Science rebecca_carollo@ksd403.org

Ellie Lashman- HS/MS Science ellie_lashman@ksd403.org

Eric Diehl- HS/MS Music  eric_diehl@ksd403.org

James Farthing- MS Social Studies/ELA  james_farthing@ksd403.org

Teresa Francois- HS/MS Art teresa_francois@ksd403.org

Rocky Gibson- HS /MS Vocational rocky_gibson@ksd403.org

Chelsey Leighton- HS/MS Resource chelsea_leighton@ksd403.org

Shawn Madigan- 6/7th Grade Math  shawn_madigan@ksd403.org

Tanya Myers-HS/MS Resource tanya_myers@ksd403.org

Myron Hamilton- HS/MS Business/Tech myron_hamilton@ksd403.org

Wendy Hudson- HS Language Arts wendy_hudson@ksd403.org

Calah Kulm- HS Language Arts calah_kulm@ksd403.org

Tony Lepe- HS/MS Spanish/Culture/ELL tony_lepe@ksd403.org

- HS Social Studies 

Nate Phillips- HS Math nate_phillips@ksd403.org

Barbara Schmidt- HS/MS Life Skills barb_schmidt@ksd403.org

Jaime Smith- MS Language Arts jaime_smith@ksd403.org

Cheryl Uceny- HS/MS Consumer Science cheryl_uceny@ksd403.org

Frank Wood- HS/MS Health & Fitness frank_wood@ksd403.org

- MS Science 

Karri Shelton- Library/College & Career Center karri_shelton@ksd403.org

Mary Ann Walling- McKinney Vento maryann_walling@ksd403.org

Brandy Heard- Resource Aide brandy_heard@ksd403.org

Debbie Forman- Resource Aide debbie_forman@ksd403.org

Suzanne Rector- Resource Aide suzanne_rector@ksd403.org

Sue Schnase- Resource Aide 

Sherry Cunningham- Food Service Director sherry_cunningham@ksd403.org

Cliff Helgeson- Assistant Cook  cliff_helgeson@ksd403.org

Bryan Nash- Maintenance Supervisor bryan_nash@ksd403.org

Kevin Barnhart- Maintenance kevin_barnhart@ksd403.org

Andre Armengol- Maintenance andre_armengol@ksd403.org

Leslee Anderson- Custodian  leslee_anderson@ksd403.org

Sandy Brooks- Custodian sandy_brooks@ksd403.org