Weekend Food Assistance Program Combats Child Hunger within our Community
Rawlings Braman

A food service employee at one of the local school districts witnessed a child digging through a trash can during lunch, looking for food to take home with them. It is reasons like this that local churches have created a weekend food program that partners with both the Kittitas and Ellensburg school districts. The program provides nonperishable food to disadvantaged kids for every weekend of the school year.

The First Lutheran Church, St. Andrews Catholic Church, First Presbyterian Church, and the New Life Assembly have all collaborated to gather donations for the program. They provide 200 students brown paper bags full of food. These bags contain food items that are designed to act as a nutritional supplement for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The program has been working with the Ellensburg School District for the past five years, and just this year began their partnership with the Kittitas School District. Kittitas Elementary School Principal, Del Enders, said, “ the program increases student nutrition and reduces financial stress for disadvantaged families, which means higher levels of student focus and improved health.”

The program is actively accepting applications for all Kittitas families. If you want to help support this program contact Mary Kraft the director of the program at (509) 929-4342 or Del Enders at (855) 380-8843

Fireside Chats With KSS Principal
Hunter Elliott

The purpose of these chats is to provide an opportunity to talk about the direction of the Kittitas Secondary School with the KSS administration, parnets, and communtiy members.

Please plan to attend!