English Language Learners

ELL Program

What is the Transitional Bilingual Education Program (TBIP)?
This program is designed to meet the needs of students whose primary language is something other than English and have demonstrated a need for additional support. The district receives funds from both the State of Washington and the Federal Government to serve these students through the State Transitional Bilingual Program.

Our goal is that students will meet challenging state standards and develop English language proficiency in an environment where language and culture are recognized as valuable resources for learning.

Identifying English Language Learners (ELL)
As part of our student enrollment process, families are asked to complete a Home Language Survey and answer the questions “What language did your child first learn to speak?” and “What language does your child use the most at home?” If the answer to either question is a language other than English, one of the ELD Specialists administers the WIDA English Language Proficiency Assessment  Screener. This test is typically administered to potential English learners upon initial enrollment in a Washington school. This is an online assessment that measures proficiency in the four language domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Parents are then notified by the school that their child is eligible for these services.

Eligibility for ELL Services
Students continue in the program as long as they need additional assistance. The WIDA Test is given annually to measure students’ growth in English language knowledge and skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Results from this test determine which students are eligible to continue receiving ELD services.

Students successfully transition from the program when they meet the exit criteria of scoring Levels 4 and 5 in all domains on the WIDA Test annual assessment, at which time they are considered “Proficient.” ELD Specialists and teachers continue to monitor and provide additional academic support to students for two years after they score Proficient.

WIDA English Language Development Standards- ELD Standards Framework | WIDA (wisc.edu)

For more information on the Transitional Bilingual Education Program in Washington State, visit Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

How do I get assistance in the Kittitas School District if I don't speak English?
It is always acceptable to communicate to us in the language you are most comfortable with and we will find a way to translate it. We also have Spanish-speaking interpreters to help our families. Please email or call or District Office for assistance.

Want help learning English or getting a basic translation?
To start learning English, check out Duolingo.

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