REPLACEMENT LEVY February 8, 2022

Your vote counts February 8th!

  • It is not a new tax.

  • It renews the current levy that expires in 2022.

  • The replacement levies continue our community's investment in our students and schools.

  • It provides critical funding for our students.

  • The amount requested by the district will not increase. In fact, it reduces each year.

  • The district will only collect up to the amount approved by the voters.

What does the educational and operations levy support?

  • athletics

  • career programs

  • extra-curricular programs

  • field trips

  • full-time school nurse

  • small class sizes

  • classroom support staff

  • transportation and bus costs

  • maintenance of facilities

  • textbooks and curriculum

What does the instructional technology levy support?

  • replace and upgrade student and staff computers

  • educational software programs

  • technology infrastructure

  • classroom technology equipment addition and replacement

  • technology and system repairs and maintenance

  • computer and phone network maintenance

  • internet connectivity

Who decides how levy money is spent? The school board, superintendent, and business manager are responsible for overseeing the levy funds. The community may provide input by attending meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.

What happens if the levies pass? The district will be able to continue to fund the programs that support our students.

What happens if the levies fail? The district will have to eliminate or reduce funding for essential programs currently offered for our students.