Welcome to  our new webpage and thanks for visiting!  The goal for this change is to make this site more user friendly for all who visit.  We appreciate your feedback but please remember this is still a work in progress and it will continue to improve.  

The 2020-21 school year has been so interesting and yet challenging at the same time.  Thanks to the courage of our school board, we were one of the few districts that started on time and the first in our county.  Having students back in school safe and healthy is very important to all of us.  We set the new policies and procedures and parents and students have followed them well.  So well that we have made it to Christmas without having to go totally remote.  

 We have added so many different words to our communication this year;  hybrid schedule, close contact, contact tracing, symptomatic, asymptomatic, physical distancing and quarantine to name a few.   Our teachers, principals and paraeducators have worked hard to provide a quality, equitable and personable education for all under these unique circumstances.  A day does not go by that we aren’t working on improving our strategies and methods as we learn more.  

I want to thank all the parents and caregivers who have done so well in helping their children in the remote setting and in making sure they wear masks,  keep their distance at school and keeping them home when sick or possibly exposed.  These practices have kept us open and allowed the students to stay in school which has been one of our main goals. 

As we head into the Christmas holiday and the new year, please continue to practice healthy behaviors so we can stay in school.  Thanks for all you are doing to prepare your children for education in Kittitas School  District.  We will succeed as we work together!

Mike Nollan, Superintendent