Dear Parents,

Welcome to Athletics at Kittitas Secondary School.  We at Kittitas are excited that your son or daughter is ready to compete for the Coyotes.  We take competition seriously, but believe strongly in the philosophy of STUDENT-athlete.  We understand that it takes more than winning games to create better citizens for a stronger tomorrow.


1.)  Your child will need a current physical to participate.  Physicals are good for two years, but must be completed prior to the season before your son or daughter may compete in practice or competition.

2.)  Along with the physical, your child will need to complete an 'Athletic Packet' to be eligible.  These packets are available to download under the 'Athletic Form' tab or you may collect one in person at the Secondary School or at the District Office.

3.)  Included in the 'Athletic Packet' is a notice to purchase an A.S.B. card.  A.S.B. stands for associated student body and is formed in each secondary school.  This student body helps to organize fundraising, direct athletics and after school activities and encourages young people to be more involved with the direction of events in school.  The current cost is $40 for the year and this helps to cover uniforms, officials and travel to athletic and extra-curricular events.  This card must be purchased before any participation in competition is allowed.  

4.)  If you are new to Kittitas or secondary athletics in general, you may have more questions.  Please feel free to contact the school directly, or contact the Athletic Director, Ryan Hastings at ryan_hastings@ksd403.org for help.

We look forward to a great year of Athletics at Kittitas:  It takes a whole PACK to be successful - GO COYOTES!